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We’ve got a book!

We’ve got a book! published on No Comments on We’ve got a book!

And now that I’ve gone through and read it, I’m a little proud of it. Reading my own comic back in a PDF that lets me scroll through instead of having to click back and forth was an enjoyable experience. It all reads like a cohesive story and I was honest-to-God afraid it would do anything but that when it wasn’t presented in a weekly format.  And honestly, I think book collections are just a better way to read comics. If you’re supporting us on Patreon at any level, then the book is yours already and you can download it here as a PDF or EPUB.

If monthly support isn’t your bag, though, we’ve got the book up on Amazon for $2.99, which is the price the Amazon’s tiny robot people assure me works the best.

Do you want the book for absolutely free? I’m down. Here’s what we want in exchange:


1) – A screenshot of you sharing Ramen Empire to your friends in any form. For the sarcastic among you, yes, giving a pirated version of the book will count for these purposes. It will be a very strange exercise, but I’ll do it with you.

2) – Your word that you voted for Bernie Sanders in the US Democratic Primary, or your open intent to support Jeremy Corbyn in the next UK election. Maybe you didn’t do any of those things. Maybe you hate those guys. Or maybe you’re filled with regret for not supporting them sooner. Or maybe you’re lying because you want a free book. That’s cool. I’m not too judgmental. Really, I just want people to have copies of the damn thing.

Tweet to me over @RamenEmpire (is that pronounced ‘At Ramen Empire’ or did I need to write ‘at @RamenEmpire?’ Internet grammar is getting mysterious.) and I’ll make sure to wing a copy at your head.

Offer ends when I forget I posted this, and your tweet in 2024 fills me with confusion.

We’re only dealing in the ephemeral stuff of e-books for now, until we get this thing color-corrected for CYMK.

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