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Writers writing published on No Comments on Writers writing

The comic is late, you may have noticed.

Our first reboot arc, Buffalo Soul, is done! It will lead directly into our second arc, and we’ve got big plans.

First, as my good friend Paula said of our first arc, Things! Are Happening! And that’s kind of spastic and hard to follow, essentially the worst traits of Girl Genius and Megatokyo Year One without the things that make those addictive web munchies. A big problem was our pacing–the segments focused on Daphne fell apart. But it wasn’t just pacing–it was a lack of character. Daphne and Lilit were both incredibly cardboard, barely even one dimensional.

So writer monkey is taking some time to flesh things out for arc two for the week of Murica Day, with a special focus on character and pacing, and less of a focus on slamming past plot points.

Zach is writing the comics for this week. That’s why they’re late. Don’t judge him! Being funny isn’t easy. and he has a real job.

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