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We’re With Her

We’re With Her published on 3 Comments on We’re With Her

We were unanimously pro-Sanders during the primaries because, as our readers may have gathered, we value diversity and individual freedoms very, very highly, and saw the senator’s platform as a fast track toward these values.

Donald Trump is the antithesis of personal freedoms and diversity, from his xenophobic comments about Mexicans, gays, and Muslims to his threats to imprison Clinton, “punish” women who have abortions, and limit the freedom of the press.

We have educated criticisms of Secretary Clinton. Despite these, we do know that she will protect the rights of women, of blacks, Arabs, Latinos, gays; that she will not violate the freedom of the press, and that she is not on the puppet strings of a foreign ruler.

We also know that, unlike during Sanders’ primary, this entire season has been about mudslinging and proxy mudslinging, so much that the truth has been hidden with very easy to believe lies, most of them about Clinton.

We want a leader who will speak frankly to the issues and ignore the dark side of American politics — the hate and xenophobia of the alt right, and the christian supremacy of the traditional right. Hillary Clinton is that option, despite our misgivings and other concerns.

Our choices are between a banana republic dictator with no idea what he’s doing — a parody of every drunk uncle who has raged about what he would do with with his power if he were king for a day and who loathes intellectuals — and a woman who has a firm grasp of her US policies, a plan founded in realistic goals, an understanding of and sympathy for the left-leaning cultural social sensibilities toward personal freedom, and a respect for the complexities of governance.

Furthermore, we know that Clinton and Sanders have basic respect for each other, and will be able to work with one another — Sanders is still a senator, one left quite powerful and influential after primaries.

And finally, the weight of Senator Sanders’ endorsement is significant with us.

This is our official and unfettered endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President of the United States, 2016.clinton


Okay, guess it’s time to delete some Bookmarks then.

(Apologies for the lateness, just found this site)

That’s the wrong response. It’s a fallacy to think you need to agree with someone to appreciate what they do. Gen Patton was by all accounts a devil of a man, but he saved many lives while fighting the Nazis. Harry Morgan reportedly hit his wife, but he was a damn fine actor for years on M*A*S*H.

I don’t care whether the writers of this comic are supporters of Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders, Thieves’ Cant is a humorous, well-written, and nicely illustrated comic, and my enjoyment is not contingent upon seeeing eye-to-eye on politics with the creators. Yours should not be either, if you want to go through life happily.

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