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Thieves Can’t Podcast – Episode 2

Thieves Can’t Podcast – Episode 2 published on No Comments on Thieves Can’t Podcast – Episode 2

Hey everyone,

Episode 2 of Thieves Can’t Podcast is out, and I think I can safely say that we kinda can podcast. Definitely looking for your feedback on this project as we go forward with it!

There will be a link out on Patreon a bit later — technical difficulties are preventing an upload there. Expect it to be distributed to itunes and other podcast-grabby-places shortly.

Additionally, for our Patreon Subscribers for Thieves Can’t, we’re putting up the entire behind-the-scenes process of how we’re making issue 3 of Thieves Can’t — starting with the script. Click Candor and her awesome Eyemac for the Patron-only link to our script-in-progress, where you’ll be able to see what’s going on in the next issue, and get a sense of what sort of jokes make the cut and what sort don’t as we turn script pages into comic page mockups. You might even catch one of us in there writing or editing, since I’m fairly certain that Google Docs lets people spy on writing live.

Also, be sure to catch us Saturday, 11:30 AM at the Common Ground Coffee Co in Fort Scott, Kansas, where Zach and I (or at least one of us) will be talking about how to write for tabletop RPGs.

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