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Thieves Can’t Podcast – Episode 1

Thieves Can’t Podcast – Episode 1 published on No Comments on Thieves Can’t Podcast – Episode 1

So, first off — this wouldn’t have gotten made without Chris Stonecipher leaping in like a goddamn hero and helping me with some of the editing. Huge shout-out to him, and I’m super glad to have him on this project.

Editing audio is a bit more intensive than I thought, but the delay from episode 0 to episode 1 was 90% learning curve.

You can give episode one a listen on our Sound Cloud:

Or you can listen to it here, on our Patreon site.

Both pages should allow file downloading, and the episode will (I think) be searchable in all the normal podcasty places in a day or two.

Let us know what you think!

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