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The Doll With The Tiger Teeth 34 – Fin or No?

The Doll With The Tiger Teeth 34 – Fin or No? published on 6 Comments on The Doll With The Tiger Teeth 34 – Fin or No?

Okay, so I’m torn. I could give the denouement of the Noir Detective element of this story, but I skipped around in that story a lot, to try to keep the focus on the character’s issues off-screen, since those are, I think, where you guys’ investment is.

I don’t think that it will make good reading coming off of this, and I want this to be one of the last pages in DTT, if not THE last page. And since I’m only trying to please, like, 30 people and myself with this comic, I’d normally say, “Yep, this is it on DTT. Learned a lot. On to chapter three.”

But in this case, we’re trying to make a comic book version that’s nothing but the Ramen Empire cast and crew’s final cut of DTT – a full blow Noir story that’s never jumps out of the fourth wall and looks at the people making it. And I feel like there is something unethical about putting a part of the story that some of you might have cared about behind a paywall.

So as I sort this tangle out in my head, sound off, please. I want to know your thoughts. Do I skip straight into the next bit of story (I guess they’re chapters) that deals with the cliff hanger here? Or do I show everyone the final bit of DTT so that they know what really happened to Murph and what happens to Langney?

Have a great weekend everyone!



We missed Mei Li and Sera, so they’ve been getting doodled here and there. Have some Sera.

Sera avatar1


Hate to say it – but do what you want. Don’t ask your audience what they want – learn what they want and do anything that dovetails with your own goals. Surprises not spoilers, if you do what people ask they’ll leave because they already know what’s next.

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