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Thieves Can’t

Thieves Can’t published on 8 Comments on Thieves Can’t

We’re branching out in quite a few ways — one with comics besides Ramen Empire, and another with vertical comics. The website is going to get some tweaks as we adjust for being able to handle vertical images, so brace yourselves!

Definitely interested in thoughts — and apologies if things look wonky as we figure this first one out!

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truely strange how life is at times. You think you know friends. My parents had friends (r*sm*ssens) Ed arrest 151/2 for steal car parts.His wife Kay lousy cook &didn’t clean home Or keep children clean .During 1960s These people come over theyd steal from my family, pictures,tools, books Etc anything get hands on you nameit theyd steal it.. Smile to your face and take what you had little by little at a time. Kay person that back stab mother by gossip spread sh*t (break up parents).Ed beat wife and children.Clarence Sex offender (beloit il) mental disability..This family thieves,2faced,double-crossers,beware.

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