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The Doll with Tiger Teeth 1

The Doll with Tiger Teeth 1 published on 6 Comments on The Doll with Tiger Teeth 1

Time for chapter two!

The change is a little jarring, I think, but it’ll ultimately make sense. (Because that’s what I’m always shooting for–barely cogent!) Christ Rusche lamented that I did not have a panel one joke about the mean streets, and I regret it a little, but ultimately, these I think the Ramen Empire characters would take their movie a little too seriously for a more overt joke like that.

The funny-ha-ha of this next section will have to restrict itself to my being in drag with an absurd red wig.


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I see they’re going for an Ed Wood level of quality for their next movie.

That or Army of Darkness. At this point, it could be both.

They learned a lot. Minimal special effects this time. Film Noir shows what they can do with lighting and a camera. It’s a logical move, but they haven’t had space to talk about it yet. I might even keep that level of decision making off screen. It’s not all finalized.

Glad you’re still reading though! I was worried the transition would lose folk. =)

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