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Stranger Things Fanart

Stranger Things Fanart published on 2 Comments on Stranger Things Fanart

We tried to produce this week’s Ramen Empire, but some stuff came up and we had to choose between getting Thieves Can’t Issue #1 finished on time, or getting an update for Monday finished on time. We’ll be finishing up the paper version of TC1 this week. In the meantime, have a Demogorgon.

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A few announcements

A few announcements published on No Comments on A few announcements

This is the final comic (or next to final; we haven’t quite decided) in Phoenix Down Part 5.

Both of our comics, Thieves Can’t & Ramen Empire, are going to a strip Format after this. Pages are labor intensive and comics aren’t a great return on labor, even if we adore making them. We’ll still be making page-format comics, but expect to see those as objects in print that you’re able to buy somewhere, or as PDFs that you download off our Gumroad site. On a related note, Thieves Can’t, Issue #1, is available on Gumroad right now and will soon be available for print over on Indy Planet. I have some longer-term plans to try to get Thieves Can’t into comic book stops, but that has not panned out the way I wanted. I’ve learned a lot, but didn’t quite get where I wanted with Issue #1.

Phoenix Down Part Six is not going to be in comic strip format. It will be in page format, and will close Skyler’s fire-curse story line and a few other loose ends.

In the meantime, we’re doing incidental comics about different characters, starting with Arty in her own strip titled Zounds! This was originally a paywall comic, but — well, see above. Strips are easier to give away than pages. And we genuinely think people are going to love this strip, so hiding it behind our Patreon seemed wrong.

Our rewards on Patreon are not good-seeming yet. We’re working on it. We’re open to ideas.