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Astro-Knight Name

Astro-Knight Name published on No Comments on Astro-Knight Name

Ok, so here’s a tiny rant for you. It’s attached to the comic instead of the blog, and I don’t know where I am going with it just yet.

I made Arty’s “No” huge. Really, consciously, massively huge. It’s not the biggest thing on the page because the point of the comic is panel four, but it’s still goddamn big, and on the surface, this is because — have you ever heard a kid say “No!” passionately? It’s their best word. It’s weaponized, fully loaded, and always on their hips, ready for a duel at high noon.

If you’re young and looking at this, don’t lose your “no.” People will want to hug and kiss you against your will every Christmas and “no” is a fine response. People will try to pay you too little and ask you to do too much and “no” is a fine response.

If you’re not young and you’re looking at this, I made “No” big because sometimes I think we all need to remember that it’s never left our holster. It’s right there, ready, loaded, and waiting for someone to press to make an absurd demand or an awful suggestion.

Arty knows what admirals and captains are; they’re uniformed men who carry weapons and take or give orders. Zounds is a space adventurer. She needs no system for that to work. No uniforms or guns or orders.


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