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And yes, everyone in Kansas has that exact landline phone.

And yes, everyone in Kansas has that exact landline phone. published on 4 Comments on And yes, everyone in Kansas has that exact landline phone.

This comic is late, partly because it is huge (I should have just cut it in two, but I only realized that when it was days late and mostly done), and partly because we are also working on Kickstarter fulfillment, which we are targeting to have finished by December. The Kickstarter page will update soon(tm) with information about what’s going on there, and we’ll also be sending out fulfillment surveys just as soon as I’ve got my ducks in a row on on the past three pages of the comic book.

There’s also some Patreon art we’re very, very behind on.

The other reason this is late is that, frankly, the news is taking its toll on us and that makes it really hard to go do creative things.

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As much as I love seeing this story unfold, you look like you need a break. Stress and anxiety are really bad for everybody, and especially for creative people. You have your hands full with “side” projects, what with the Kickstarter and patreon art, maybe you could take a breather and put the comic on hold for a week or two ? It does make a huge difference, if I’m to believe the webcomic artists who practice it on a regular basis…

Back to the new page: it’s really, really heartwarming to see them all gathering to support their friend. It actually made my night look less dark.

Also, are they really good at Tetris or is the car enchanted, that they all fit in the vehicle ?

Actually, we had a pretty awesome meeting that really energized us both, so as depressed as this post sounds, we have a great outlook into the future. It involved both of us staying off Facebook and trusting that a certain investigation of national significance will take care of itself without us tuning in for updates every possible moment.

And alas, Todd’s car is not enchanted. There was just some cramming. It’s an incredibly uncomfortable car ride.

That’s great to hear ! And yeah, I can see how tuning out some of the crazy, terrifying antics of the US government is helping you keeping your cool.

I don’t know how i feel about the car… On one hand: no magical ride is disappointing. On the other hand: they willingly went to the cram session to stay with a friend. They all deserve at least 5 cookies points.

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