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On Practicing Essential Skills in Public

On Practicing Essential Skills in Public published on 1 Comment on On Practicing Essential Skills in Public

I like to think that bus creepers are all actually innocent, awkward nerds who have no idea what the context of their surroundings creates when they spook up on a girl who is clearly uncomfortable.

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Back Online!

Back Online! published on No Comments on Back Online!

We were out of commission for about a day and a half. A PEBKAC error led me to realize I had some pretty bad security flaws. Changing servers was necessary, and my screwing up part of the wordpress install made it as good of a time as any to move.

The full story isn’t nearly so clean or well-mannered, but I don’t want to mar anyone’s reputation.

Shout outs to Lawrence, Mike, and Ryan for all of their technical support this week! None of them are paid enough.