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Sigh. Cut.

Sigh. Cut. published on 2 Comments on Sigh. Cut.

Civ addiction crippling. Can’t… create… comics! Gah!

So, I’m super excited. This is the point where I wanted to be, and now I can see the comic’s path stretched out in front of me and I can’t wait to update again. I mean, I can wait. Because I have to. Because we don’t have a backlog of anything but jotted down ideas and sketches. But if we HAD a backlog, I’d just be like, “Woo! Updates every day until there’s no backlog!” And then Zach would hit me really hard until I stopped managing the website.

Want a high res version of this and the other comics? They’re on Patreon for free! (For now. I think sketches are going to become free, and high-res files are going to become a reward for the “I gave absolutely anything” level.” But that’s a problem for after I get done with a marathon writing session.)

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