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Striking! Rolling!

Striking! Rolling! published on 1 Comment on Striking! Rolling!

So, this comic is late because we’re finally where we want to be to fulfill the conceit of the series, and that gave me and Zach both just a touch of paralysis. And also, Civ is just goddamn electronic cocaine.

Beyond Earth is almost cocaine, incidentally. And I promised a bit of discussion on it, but that was before I realized that a big 2.0 patch is inbound for it. I want to love BE the way I love Civ V. I can’t right now and that makes me said.

That said, the game is largely repaired and if it had launched this way, I’d probably be playing it as voraciously as I played Civ on its launch. The color palate bugs me, because it’s somewhat dreary and doesn’t have a story to make that dreary sense make much sense to me, and there are quirks here and there that are confusing–sending an internal trade route to a city now makes the city sending the caravan the beneficiary, for instance–but largely, it’s a good game now and it kinda wasn’t before–No offense to Firaxis intended.

The wonders all feel unique and worth building, now, and they were all vaguely awful before. The game also now tells you if you’re close to losing to something inobvious, which was a critical fix. It’s still not as good as Civ V, though, nor as immersive. I’m withholding my real effort in reconsidering the game for their big 2.0 patch, though. I got a LOT of mileage out of Civ V for my entertainment dollar, and I think I am happy to look at this game a few more times to see if it rights itself.

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