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Various Centers of Attention

Various Centers of Attention published on 4 Comments on Various Centers of Attention

All right, so I’ve given this a monumental amount of thought, and I’ve decided to change the font I use for the comic.

I almost switched over a while ago, because I was reading blogs by professional comic letterers, and chatting with them as time allowed, and reading guides and tutorials on the topic, and learned that I’d been doing a piss-poor job of making the reading of our comic easy and fun. I think the archive shows a really strong tend toward improvement as time goes on, too.

I love the Chinacat font, and the owner was kind enough to let me use it for free. It had the aesthetic I wanted, and I still really like the way it looks. But it wasn’t designed with comic strips in mind, and ultimately, I just can’t use a lower-case font anymore now that I know what leading is and now that I know a little bit about the rules for making a speech balloon. So I’m switching over the one of Blambot’s wonderful fonts (Unmasked) and will be using that indefinitely. It’s an attractive all-caps font that will allow me to better control the shape of my dialogue balloons, and my hope is that the change won’t be so jarring as to make people look at this comic and the comics to come and go, “Gosh, something’s off here…”

This will be especially strange for the Spanish Translation, because I basically use that to practice my lettering (Hey, Max, we miss you buddy!) and they’ll start looking really, really different in terms of lettering as they start to catch up with the English strip. Again, though, my hope is that this will be an improvement.

Hi Res version on Patreon! (free!)

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Wow!! I cant believe i read them all!! I thought there was more!!! I cant wait for the next one!!! 🙂

Hey! Glad you liked them! This is a for-the-love project for now, though we’re trying to fund it enough on Patreon so that it can replace a section of our normal commissions and allow us to commit to three comics per week. 🙂

For now, we do our best to update on Tuesday and Thursday (which often tends to be early Wednesday and Friday mornings, but we’re deeply flawed people.)

Tell your friends about our comic, and if you haven’t already, check out the sillies. 🙂

> and learned that I’d been doing a piss-poor job of making the reading of our comic easy and fun

The real problem with reading this comic has nothing to do with lettering.

I have to right-click, and say “view image”, on every comic because it is forced into such a small space that it is unreadable.

The comic shows about 460 pixels across. My screen (raw) is 1024 wide, and there’s a scroll bar on top of that. The entire site is shrunk to about 670 pixels across, and there’s giant black gaps on the sides.

Lettering isn’t an issue. A MIX OF UPPER AND LOWERCASE LETTERS ARE ACTUALLY EASIER TO READ THAN ALL UPPER CASE. Size of the comic is the issue, more than font.

And yet, despite that, I’m reading you, after being introduced to you last night by a friend.

The point?

** Really good comic **

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