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The Goods

The Goods published on 1 Comment on The Goods

I’m throwing a free short story up on Patreon. Feel free to share it around!

It’s called “All Coated in Bonemeal,” and it originally appeared in Arcane #1. It gives the sordid details of an unlikely friendship between an necromancer and an intolerable neighbor. I’ve always been happy with this story, and shortly after I put it up on Patreon, a friend of mine started getting hoity toity questions about its thematic elements. Made me happy. My beard got all bristly. It does that sometimes.

There are other stories up on Patreon, so if you like All Coated in Bonemeal, subscribe! There’s more where it came from, and I’ll be putting new stories up there at a fairly regular basis.

Oh. And Happy New Year!

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