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He Takes His Waking Slow

He Takes His Waking Slow published on No Comments on He Takes His Waking Slow

We’ve slipped a little behind schedule. Monday is supposed to be for our off-topic comic (which is currently WildStar fanfic, and will be for a while. Because espers.) Instead it’s Tuesday and we’re putting up now the comic meant for Friday.

Our current goal is to play catch-up on Wednesday and update both Ramen Empire and the WildStar comic, but there are also a boat-load of commissions, including a short comic set in the world of Magillicutty. Woo!

Zach wants to start doing fan art every week. I’m pushing for him to draw Mal and Inara (from that Firefly show no one’s ever heard of) shipping nice and proper, but he’s decided to open it up to votes. So if you have any requests for fan art, drop ’em in the comments.

This link is nothing at all.

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