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Afterglow 88 – End

Afterglow 88 – End published on 3 Comments on Afterglow 88 – End

There it is, the actual end of our first story in this universe. Thanks for sticking it out, or joining midway, or finding it just now–whichever one of those describes you. See you guys Wednesday!



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Back Online!

Back Online! published on No Comments on Back Online!

We were out of commission for about a day and a half. A PEBKAC error led me to realize I had some pretty bad security flaws. Changing servers was necessary, and my screwing up part of the wordpress install made it as good of a time as any to move.

The full story isn’t nearly so clean or well-mannered, but I don’t want to mar anyone’s reputation.

Shout outs to Lawrence, Mike, and Ryan for all of their technical support this week! None of them are paid enough.