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Afterglow 80

Afterglow 80 published on 4 Comments on Afterglow 80

I’m writing this from a creepy, Midwestern simulacrum of Los Vegas with my mother. I love my mother very much, but she’s shady as all hell. (She’s inspiring the villain of the next chapter, in fact, though that’s more because she keeps asking when she’s going to be in the comic.) Here’s how shady she is: she has dragged me with her on a “Vacation” which she is taking for the express purpose of counter-scamming timeshare shysters. It’s like watching one person calling out challenges for Three-Card Monte while the other tries to convince them that, no no, they should come play the Shell Game. I’m not certain anything expressly illegal is happening. I just don’t think either one would be able to look a judge in the eye while explaining what they’re actually up to.

Meanwhile, I’m here for moral support, largely because she misses me, but also because I apparently “never write, call, or visit.”

Zach is still drowning in commission work, but there could definitely be worse fates.


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Drowning in commission work at least means there’s money coming in. That’s generally not a bad thing. 😉

Also I take it her dad already suspected, but just couldn’t help making those jibs at the “theater people”. He does seem to be rather cool or at least accepting with her choices anyway.

The only real problem with it is kowtowing to certain client demands, and doing a lot of kinds of work that aren’t really what we like doing. I.E., animation. The right honorable Chris Rusche has actually commissioned us for some super secret stuff, and that’s the kind of work we’d take whenever we can–but the folks who need that are few and far between, and we usually end up on rat-traps like fiverr drawing incredibly grumpy people’s car-lot logos.

And yeah; we’re wanting her dad to be less one-dimensional. He’s getting a bit of elbow room in the next comic or two before we wrap up this chapter.

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