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AfterGlow 72

AfterGlow 72 published on 3 Comments on AfterGlow 72

So, hey, the entire UK is talking about Ramen Empire right now. I’m not even exaggerating or anything. Except for all the exaggerating I’m doing. Which is none, because check out this glowing review Dead Good Comics wrote about us. Woot woot!

The entire comic takes place in the only slightly fictional Alexandria, Kansas, a point that has never come up in conversation with any of the characters–because who the hell sits around and talks about Kansas? So the Wizard of Oz thing in panel two is super clear to me and zach, and only now as we’re putting it online do we realize, “wait, does anyone know where the characters are for this to make sense?”

But then, making sense has never been a hugely great concern of ours.

/mic drop.

Afterglow 71

Afterglow 71 published on 3 Comments on Afterglow 71

I’m not addicted to Diablo. I could quit any time I want. Really.

When the game came out, I originally gave it a scathingly bad review. The story is still awful–why would they change that, after all. And that’s still disappointing to me, because I liked the creepy atmosphere of the original Diablo so much. I really want a good story with that feel and look in a video game, evolved to a more modern expectation about storytelling in video games.

And god damn, if it has Diablo III’s gameplay, I’ll die happy.

Hit me and zach up in game if you play. Whisper KeMingBo#1396.

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