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Afterglow 81

Afterglow 81 published on 3 Comments on Afterglow 81

Thanks to everyone buying commissions and to our new Patreon subscribers. We really appreciate you guys, and you’re saving our arse-ends.

Special shout outs to Chris Rusche, to whom we owe an imperial fuckton of art (working on it!), and to Twisted Inc, to whom we only owe a teeny bit more art (keep your limey britches on). We’d have had to find an even cheaper place to live than southern Kansas without you guys, and all of those options are filled with angry razor hobos.


Afterglow 80

Afterglow 80 published on 4 Comments on Afterglow 80

I’m writing this from a creepy, Midwestern simulacrum of Los Vegas with my mother. I love my mother very much, but she’s shady as all hell. (She’s inspiring the villain of the next chapter, in fact, though that’s more because she keeps asking when she’s going to be in the comic.) Here’s how shady she is: she has dragged me with her on a “Vacation” which she is taking for the express purpose of counter-scamming timeshare shysters. It’s like watching one person calling out challenges for Three-Card Monte while the other tries to convince them that, no no, they should come play the Shell Game. I’m not certain anything expressly illegal is happening. I just don’t think either one would be able to look a judge in the eye while explaining what they’re actually up to.

Meanwhile, I’m here for moral support, largely because she misses me, but also because I apparently “never write, call, or visit.”

Zach is still drowning in commission work, but there could definitely be worse fates.


Afterglow 79

Afterglow 79 published on 4 Comments on Afterglow 79

Just wanted to give a shout-out and a big ole thanks to the new folks supporting us on Patreon! It means the world to us, and makes surviving as artists a heck of a lot easier.

I’d also like to point out the Sillies to anyone who wasn’t aware of them; it’s where we throw our “for fun” comics that don’t necessarily fit in with the story archive. We’re on a video game kick right now, specifically Diablo, but that probably won’t survive the 2.3 patch hype. 🙂




AfterGlow 78

AfterGlow 78 published on 2 Comments on AfterGlow 78

Mei Li’s American name is May Lee. I think I’ve blogged about that before, though.

Funny thing happened — A friend of Zach’s girlfriend referred to Zach as “a celebrity” and was referencing Ramen Empire as he (or she) did so.  This was flattering, but we’re worried that we are, perhaps, doing a bit too good of a job of fronting.

We’re the opposite of successful, right now. Know this. Feel it in your bones. And then through glorious revelation, think of our Patreon. Then click. And type. And help us make rent without calling family. Do that and you’ll be saintly — enshrined in the heavens among all the other patrons of the arts — a veritable deity bound to earth only by muscle and will. Also, we hide our sketches there, as long as some other stuff that’s only for Patrons.

Also, let it be known that the tabletop adventure comic is dead in the water for now, because we have to spend a lot of our other time doing commissions so that we can continue to eat. Zach’s share of the rent is $250. If we pull that in on Patreon, we can turn off Fiverr and make the tabletop comic instead.

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