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Afterglow 87 – Credits

Afterglow 87 – Credits published on 2 Comments on Afterglow 87 – Credits

What a long, strange trip it’s been. I learned a lot about writing and lettering comics, and Zach learned a lot about drawing them. We’re going to transition seamlessly into the next story–no missed updates or hiatus–so sit tight and keep checking in.

Also, and I say this for no reason, all of my favorite movies have something extra after the credits.


Afterglow 84

Afterglow 84 published on No Comments on Afterglow 84

I’m trying to organize all of Afterglow into a single downloadable file, before we move onto the next chapter. I’m toying with the idea of throwing some bonus content in it, but since we’re always behind on everything, I’m also not going to hold my breath.

In the meantime, among me and mine it’s no secret that the cast is loosely based off of my college friends. It always makes me super happy when I find that one of them is reading along.


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