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Knock Knock

Knock Knock published on No Comments on Knock Knock

Wildstar is amaze-balls, in case anyone was wondering.

We tried an adventure out last night–the first run through, a quest mob got stuck and we had to abandon it. That was amazingly frustrating. The second time went smoothly, but there was a bug with the map that made one of parts of the adventure confusing. Even with the bugs, though, it was fun. Adventures are essentially pick-a-path dungeons with unique mechanics–in the case of the instance we ran, dodging snipers, spotlights, and aerial bombardment while navigating & fighting mobs.

Wildstar SSThe entirety of the place made me completely change my build, twice. And it ultimately paid off. As you can see, Shu Meili, knife wizard extraordinaire, got first in damage. ^_^ And as I have a HOT built into my damage rotation, I also apparently healed more than someone. I suspect it was the other DPS. That guy ate a shocking amount of dirt.

What? You don’t have WildStar yet? Why not?

Get it. Roll up as an Exile on Evindra with us. It’ll be totes fun. Send a message to Shumeili.

Only a Sith

Only a Sith published on 1 Comment on Only a Sith

The comic is late because the day job is a horrible time sink, the dishwasher exploded, and as much as I adore my Fiverr clients, revisions on $5 orders really need to stop being a thing.

Due next on the blog: Talking about Magillicutty, and why I’m jealous of it.

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