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CMYK And About to Kick Some Ass

CMYK And About to Kick Some Ass published on No Comments on CMYK And About to Kick Some Ass

This comic isn’t late at all. Ha ha. Ha. ._.

Cool news – one of my buddies from Venezuela (Okay, the only buddy I have in Venezuela) is going to be translating our story comics into Spanish–Click here and check it out! It’s really fun for me, because I’ve learned a lot about making word bubbles since I started, and I get to kind of reboot the lettering in the Spanish version.

Want to see a high res version of today’s comic? Check it out on Patreon, and then support us for some (hopefully) niftoid perks.

If you don’t want to commit to Patreon, another great way to support Ramen Empire is to buy a short story from me on Amazon. It’s 99c, it’s a good read, and buying it will give me warm fuzzies. Click the cover art!


Needs More Dye

Needs More Dye published on 2 Comments on Needs More Dye

Hairdye fumes may actually be the worst. Just saying. You want to torture ISIS prisoners? Stop this water-boarding crap, and go straight to dye-fume boarding. Twenty minutes in a tiny bathroom while someone is dying their hair. It’s like having awful drugs, or realizing the shrooms were tainted.

Or that, perhaps, the aforementioned shrooms were provided by Teemo.

Click here for a high-res version of the comic over on Patreon. It’s free!

More no

More no published on No Comments on More no

Ramen Empire got reviewed over at the Stir Fry Comics podcast. We tricked him into liking us! Woo!  Clicky!

Also, our friend Azzerz made some pretty big announcements on his channel. Check it!


Click here for the high res image over on Patreon.

Look on my Asians, ye Mighty, and Despair

Look on my Asians, ye Mighty, and Despair published on 4 Comments on Look on my Asians, ye Mighty, and Despair

We’re almost to the end of the first major story arc! =)

Sky is probably in the bathroom cooling off from her fight. *nod*

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