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Sera’s full name is actually Seraphim’s Joy of Song. Her uncle, Frank O’Sladery, rescued her from his hyper-religious, cultist brother, who was about to move his family into a compound. There was a prolonged custody battle, very little of which Sera remembers. Despite the deeply religious vein in her family — Frank is WASP through and through — she does her best not to think about religion.

Sera has Frank convinced that she’s majoring in Nursing, but she’s actually gone into Theater.

Her goal in life is to acquire the rights to Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and MacGyver so that she can create the most awesome crossover ever.

On Practicing Essential Skills in Public

On Practicing Essential Skills in Public published on 1 Comment on On Practicing Essential Skills in Public

I like to think that bus creepers are all actually innocent, awkward nerds who have no idea what the context of their surroundings creates when they spook up on a girl who is clearly uncomfortable.

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