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Sera’s full name is actually Seraphim’s Joy of Song. Her uncle, Frank O’Sladery, rescued her from his hyper-religious, cultist brother, who was about to move his family into a compound. There was a prolonged custody battle, very little of which Sera remembers. Despite the deeply religious vein in her family — Frank is WASP through and through — she does her best not to think about religion.

Sera has Frank convinced that she’s majoring in Nursing, but she’s actually gone into Theater.

Her goal in life is to acquire the rights to Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and MacGyver so that she can create the most awesome crossover ever.

This was a good time to change character perspective, right?

This was a good time to change character perspective, right? published on 10 Comments on This was a good time to change character perspective, right?

I think so, anyway.

Hey, since you scrolled this far down, check out our new shirt. It’s for the Thieves Can’t comic, but some Ramen Empire shirts will be coming fairly soon. Zach wanted to draw cute goblins, though, because cute goblins make everything way, way less stressful.

Shirt not your cuppa? Still want to show some support for the comic? Then consider a voluntary subscription over on our Ramen Empire Patreon. You’ll get access to the occasional book, podcast, and bonus art. It also helps us keep the lights on. Drawing in the dark stinks, so think it over!

Phoenix Down #40 – Flashback

Phoenix Down #40 – Flashback published on 4 Comments on Phoenix Down #40 – Flashback

Yep. They’re all vertical now. I’m working on a fix that will make this look nicer on desktop computers, but I’m gearing up to make our comics something more easily read on phones and tablets. I also think this format gives Zach and me a lot more room to show the kinds of scenes we want to show — this has always been an issue with the horizontal strips.

The upshot is that we’re cutting Ramen Empire back down to once a week. Our Patreon goal of “$100 a week and we’ll update twice a week” was fool-hardy to begin with, and now that our subscriptions have dipped back under the $100 marker, we’re going to rethink our goals and rewards for this comic on that platform.

For long time readers, this means you’re getting more of this specific comic overall, at a bit of a faster pace, but once a week instead of twice. The strip today would have been three or four horizontal strips, with strange forced jokes at awkward points. If this feels disappointing, I apologize.

For our new readers who came because of Thieves Can’t, that comic is definitely going to continue updating. We’re currently writing our first big story for it, tentatively titled Thieves Can’t Kill Goblins. We’re going to try to sell the concept to a few big comic publishers first, and use the Thieves Can’t space to give supplementary (but stand-alone) content if we manage to get a contract with someone. The most likely future for Thieves Can’t, though, is that it will continue being a web comic.

Phoenix Down #29

Phoenix Down #29 published on 6 Comments on Phoenix Down #29

We went through quite a few different panels for the end of this comic, and (as it happens) the end of chapter three, and I think they flesh out the world in a pretty fun way. Also, we don’t share many sketches and I think it’s probably time to change that.




Click here for the sketches and the high-res image of today’s comic.

Phoenix Down 27

Phoenix Down 27 published on 3 Comments on Phoenix Down 27

Really late with the comic today, because… oof.

Zach got pulled over yesterday. In getting pulled over, it was revealed that his license is long, long expired. This is a problem he’s tried to fix, but cannot, because his birth certificate and his social security card disagree about the spelling of the word “Zachary.” Bureaucracy does not motivate Zach the way massive tickets do, however, so in order to get some of the cost of this snafu waived, he’s scrambling around the state (with me playing chauffeur) trying desperately to get his paperwork into such a state that the DMV will say, “Yes, you are Zach, a real person who exists, please take the driving exam now.”

We have hit an infinite feedback loop. One cannot get a social security card without a photo ID.

One cannot get a photo ID without a social security card.

The tiny, tiny fees associated with this mess definitely add up, too, because copies of official records, as it turns out, are not free. It’s very, very easy for me to imagine someone with this problem who WASN’T in the military or who HADN’T graduated college having absolutely no recourse for proving they are themselves to the state government of Kansas. This shit can stop someone from getting a job very, very easily.

It’s nothing short of the systemic oppression of the poor.

Anyway, hey, here’s the second half of a dream sequence.

Phoenix Down #26

Phoenix Down #26 published on No Comments on Phoenix Down #26

I’m almost completely moved into the new apartment, with just cleaning on one end and unpacking on the other to do. Soon, I’ll have more free time to dedicate toward the comic, though I’m not just yet sure what that means.

In the meantime, hey, have some weird shit. We made it, just for you.