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Coco is in the U.S. to make money, nothing more and nothing less. She sends most of what she makes home to her father, who is rapidly growing too frail to keep his small meat business open.

She’s working toward a Bachelor’s degree in theater because she won a full-ride scholarship in a video competition. The video she made — a primer on how and why to run a VPN — largely won because the Department of Languages and Communication went to bat for her. They went to bat for her because, while she was an exchange student, since she made very sure that her professors were at least tangentially aware of her father.

She’s running a side-business that she doesn’t particularly want her friends to find out about; at night, she becomes Lady Lust Fu Wang, a live cam girl, and sex-talk podcaster. It’s become lucrative without her realizing it, and on top of the money coming in from Cid’s film front, she’s deciding whether to set up shop permanently in the U.S., or retire comfortably back home and take care of her father.

She misses China, but the prospect of returning home to become a “Leftover Woman” gives her pause. She’s also concerned that someone back home might learn of her sex website in the U.S., which would almost certainly carry legal repercussions.

This was a good time to change character perspective, right?

This was a good time to change character perspective, right? published on 10 Comments on This was a good time to change character perspective, right?

I think so, anyway.

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