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Diablo Season Six! Woo!

Diablo Season Six! Woo! published on 4 Comments on Diablo Season Six! Woo!

I’m a LITTLE disappointed that there aren’t new items, but the semester is almost over and I’ll get to play from scratch with my friends without being 700 paragon levels above them, and that’s gonna be nice. Also, the Taeguk changes and the changes to Simplicity’s Strength and the Depth Diggers make me want to try a Spectral Blade attack speed wizard *really* badly. It probably won’t be super viable for deeper rifts, but I wanted that build to work way better than it did last patch.



Diablo 3 – Asking for a rush as a Witch Doctor

Diablo 3 – Asking for a rush as a Witch Doctor published on No Comments on Diablo 3 – Asking for a rush as a Witch Doctor

Okay, so I’m loving the new season of Diablo 3, and the new cube feature is pretty nifty. All the hypothetical builds in my head did not prepare me for how cool and fun an on-the-fly build I come up with from crap I find could be. There’s nothing r game breaking about them, but there’s a little bit of magic in finding a Myken’s Ball of Hate while leveling and then also being able to use your Triumverate.

What I’m not loving is the weird hate the people asking for rushes occasionally get. It’s like someone is somehow lazy and therefore worth less as a person because they want to skip the mediocre 1-70 experience. Which, incidentally, any 70 character can completely eliminate for another character in like… twenty minutes? Doing content that they’d (and this is what gets me) be doing anyway.



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