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Semester started. New update schedule.

Semester started. New update schedule. published on No Comments on Semester started. New update schedule.

Starting back on our regular update schedule is hard knowing that our mascot can’t be there to cheer us on and chew the hell out of our comic books. And as school is starting and Zach is drowning in commission work, we’re going to cut back to one new comic per week, starting this week, until the seas steady, so to speak.

So the slowed flow of updates is one part grieving, one part new semester, and one part “those guys who gave us money want their stuff sometime before 2020.”

This’ll be my last semester of college; then I’ll have an MA in communication and the fine task of repaying an amount of student loans equal to the national debt of Ecuador.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Bunny Buddhism and to the wonderful community at the Rabbits Subreddit for being there for us this weekend. I cannot recommend either site highly enough.


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