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Project Wonderful: The Outbid, Feature #1

Project Wonderful: The Outbid, Feature #1 published on 4 Comments on Project Wonderful: The Outbid, Feature #1
Puck and Daphne

Project Wonderful is insanely cool; it’s not exactly a good source of revenue for us (We’ve made about $4 USD on it), but it exposes us to a lot of nifty stuff. We’ve had the same ad up for a sort of Ra-Ra Atheism poster for a while, and  while I’m tickled pink that someone is ostensibly making money selling indie posters, the winning bidder on a Project Wonderful ad is invariably the tip of an iceberg of fascinating things. We have the luxury of seeing everything that tries to win our ad space, and some of it is pretty darn cool. So every now and then, I want to take some of the niftier content from the “bid but didn’t make it” group and feature them.

To your immediate left, Puck and Daphne. Yes, Puck, as in Robin Goodfellow. It’s a fascinating comic; partway through the archive, ten in-comic years skip by, (and the blog posts go from Feb 20, 2000 to Feb 20 2013)  serving as a soft reboot for the series and highlighting a marked increase in the artist’s skill. The comic is regularly funny and the color choices serve his (or her–the name ElectricGecko doesn’t exactly make that clear.) comic really well. The highlight of the series? Puck beats the crap out of purple-headed Satan for calling her a crack whore, causing him to win a mayoral election.

Fun coincidence: I first found Puck on a web search for colored text bubbles, because Zach mentioned wanting to use fewer pure whites and pure blacks in the comic. I tucked Puck into my reference material a few days ago, and then checked Project Wonderful this morning to find that it was competing for our ad space.


This makes my day! I’m totally thrilled that you like the comic and that there’s a connection for Project Wonderful. (BTW, my skyscraper is currently sitting on your page RIGHT NOW on my screen, so I guess I’m winning the bet sometimes.)

Project Wonderful really is great, though yeah, not so profitable compared to pretty much every other ad company. It’s great to run ads through, though, and I sort of consider it a kind of webcomic public service that we can do for each other. Which reminds me, I really need to get some PW ad space on my new site soon.

Love the webcomic, incidentally. I will be following now…

I knew there’d be a chance of that happening, but I’m not entirely sure how PW’s bidding system works. I just know there’s usually three things under the top bid that all seem interesting. =)

But, yeah–Puck tickles me pink. I read the archive in two sittings, which seemed appropriate. I’m interested to see what her kid’ll be like.

Glad you like Ramen Empire! It was a rough start, but I think we’re finally getting somewhere. 🙂

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