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Presenting: Zounds!

Presenting: Zounds! published on No Comments on Presenting: Zounds!

The Ramen Empire timeline extends out a bit further than you guys have seen just yet, but we introduced Arty (the yet-un-named little girl) in the main comic, and are itching to get the strip about her out and rolling.

In the spirit of Calvin & Hobbes, and very specifically Spaceman Spiff, Zach and I are ecstatic to present the first strip of Zounds!

Her situation within the world will make more sense after the hospital story line concludes, but that’s months away and we want to start sharing these with you guys.

Zounds will, for now, remain behind the Patreon paywall at the $3 marker, and I’m going to update the reward tiers to reflect this. The first comic can be read here, and they’ll always be under the Patreon tag “Zounds.

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