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Patreon Rewards & the Excusecast

Patreon Rewards & the Excusecast published on 8 Comments on Patreon Rewards & the Excusecast

I’ve got ideas for making future podcasts better, but Zach and I just wanted to talk to everybody kind of off the cuff.

We have some cool stuff up on Patreon right now, and it’s for Thieves Can’t, but I want my Ramen Empire readers to have it, because I suspect they might care about both IPs equally. If you’re supporting us at the $3 level on the Ramen Empire Patreon, here is a reward dump from the Thieves Can’t patreon page.

I think the reward I’m most excited about is our paper mini of Candor Dauntless.

We’ve also put up her character sheet, for people who are curious about the stats behind the character. This might also help people who are playing the “which Ramen Empire character is playing which TC character” game. It might not, though. Zach said I have to stop helping.

And last and probably least, our Thieves Can’t Podcast, wherein we talk about Candor’s alignment, why Zach is chaotic evil, and the Mousefolk Homebrew.


Besides for the high heels (seriously, high heels for a character supposed to fight, and travel in wild environnements such as forests and/or mountains?) Candor’s attire looks really nice and badass…

Thanks! Her look by far took the most time, and we’re glad it looks good to other folk. =)

[minor spoiler alert]

The high heels are psuedo-prosthetic. She has hooves, but her legs are built for feet. This is the setup for a joke we’ve written later about putting girls in heels.

Because why engage a trope if you don’t pick on yourself for it? :p

Honestly, part of me is still worried, because rampant sexism can show its ugly mug anywhere, and its parody is really difficult to not mistake for the real deal. But you’ve shown more than enough that you people are great at fleshing out colourful, flawed, lovable characters rather than rehashing the clichés. So even if there is this hint of worry, I stay confident you can pull it up.

I appreciate that faith. =)

And yes, sexism, racism — any form of bigotry can manifest anywhere, and especially from positions of deep privilege, they can be hard to notice and difficult to accept. Self-awareness is hard. That’s why I think it seems so rare. I don’t think I’m very self-aware most of the time, and I can definitely fuck up.

At the end of the day, we have a girl adventuring in heels and that IS sexist. I own that, and having a joke doesn’t make it any less normalizing. When the joke hatches open in our very slow-moving comic, I hope that the parody is clear enough to redeem this sexism, but in the meantime, we’re normalizing bullshit about how women in fantasy dress. We’re hoping the rest of our wardrobe choices are a signal to our readers that we know what’s up and have something planned — but it’s a risk, and it’s ultimately taken at detriment, as it forwards something negative about women in fantasy / women in comics. The calculus behind the eventual joke may ultimately be bad, and I worry about these things. I worry about little girls thinking they have to adventure in heels, or wear bikini plate, or, or, or. Whether the joke redeems Candor’s admitted place in my very male gaze, time will tell.

If you of know of comics that handle women’s fantasy wardrobes realistically or in ways that empower women, please feel absolutely free to share it here. I’d love to see it, and if it needs a little limelight, maybe help with that, too.

…Ok, I knew it would be hard, even if I read quite a bit, but I didn’t think it would be THAT hard… So, I found two webcomics that answers perfectly to: medfan; with enough violence (at the very least implied) for the people to actually wear armor; and realistic/empowering women inside those armors. And one is still at its beginning…

Daughter of the lilies, which is great, (very loosely based on D&D):

Necropolis, which looks promising, but not very far yet:

Since it’s way too short for my taste, I’ll add some runnerups:

Unsounded, awesome fantasy story with really strong female characters, but some problematic issues (like breastplates on otherwise perfect armors… mind you both genders have the “roman boobplate” treatment, but still):

White Noise, which is…fantasy/scifi, I guess. Love it, but it’s diqualified because it’s too modern in the design of the armors, and as far as I recall, the only times we’ve seen said armors, they were worn by the baddies.

These look beautiful! I’ll add them to my reading list.

I notice with only SOME salt that two of them are Hiveworks comics. I’ve been rejected out of Hiveworks every time they open, and have resolved to stop bothering them. XD

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