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Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality published on No Comments on Net Neutrality

Zach and I probably represent the average person’s understanding of net neutrality. We’re not experts; don’t take this blog as more than our opinions as they existed when we cobbled it together.

The FCC ruling against Net Neutrality was a direct attack against freedom of speech, and we live in a post-news USA. By this, I mean that we have only shallow infotainment and punditry left to rely on for political information, and even this shriveled ghost has major stipulations about what it can and cannot wail about, handed down from publisher to editor to writer.

Another preface: I do not believe that the decay of journalism in the US is a conspiracy, but rather that cultural and political forces damaged it randomly. I do believe that the article we’re picking on in the comic is a blatant example of yellow journalism, though. The headline implies something wholly different from the contents of the article. The social context around any article about big cable interacting with Netflix is going to be Net Neutrality, and I don’t believe from a minute that the editors of USA Today are oblivious to this. I took classes on journalism and worked in student publications. We’re taught to deliver the crux of the story in the headline and the lead, just in case the reader doesn’t feel like chugging through to the end. This is called the inverted pyramid.

If the college paper I worked at was smart enough to write headlines with a consideration of social context, it seems bizarre that the writers and editors who trickled up into places like USA Today deliberately avoid this practice. There’s an implication here, but I don’t like to think about it.

But I have the flu, and am a vomit-font, so perhaps some of that is writing this post.

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