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Let’s Play Civ V – England Vs. Ethiopia, BNW + Communitas Mod – Deity

Let’s Play Civ V – England Vs. Ethiopia, BNW + Communitas Mod – Deity published on 2 Comments on Let’s Play Civ V – England Vs. Ethiopia, BNW + Communitas Mod – Deity

Because Civ V can’t handle mods in online multiplayer (because it’s still 1990 and that’s just how things work; our 56k modems would slow turns down a lot, anyway,) Zach and I rolled up a hotseat game with the Communitas mod (version 15.1). The game doesn’t actually support multiplayer hotseat, either–but the Custom Advanced Setup Screen mod fixes that.

Communitas styles itself as an expansion pack instead of a mod; Since 2K Games is reportedly done releasing new content for Civ V, I expect that Communitas is going to be a great place to look for new content, and that the mod will become tenfold more stable than its previous iterations, both in terms of bugs (version 14 broke the Sistine Chapel; version 15 fixed it.) and in terms of altered game concepts not changing radically because of content released through official channels. Communitas has always been our favorite mod, and now it’s likely to be our default mode of play. This is both a test of the mods deity difficulty, and a measurement of size of Zach and I’s respective Civ wangs.

Without further ado, then, Let’s Play.

Speed: Normal
Map: We Have No Idea
Size: Normal
Player One (Bart): Ethiopia
Player Two (Zach): England
Difficulty: Deity

No Food, No Production, Just Elephants
Bart is underwhelmed by his start. He planned to play Ethiopia tall, so he wanted high food yields. Those aren’t here. The continent promises to have desert to the north and jungle to the east, though, giving the potential for a strong religion or a strong science game with universities. Lamenting a lack of production, he okays his starting location.
Tundra, Deer, Whales, and a Mountain
Mountain! Zach plunges into the civilopedia to see if the mod has changed how observatories work before he decides whether or not to move his settler. Observatories are reduced to a 10% science increase, but cities can be one hex further from a mountain to build them. That seems like a fairly balanced change; vanilla observatories are insane. Despite the Tundra and Snow, Zach’s start is arguably superior. He okays his start, and the game officially begins.
Chopping forests in Communitas has a much higher production yield, so he decides to try for both The Great Library and The Great Lighthouse. Diety AI’s grab wonders quickly, though, so it’s a huge gamble.
I miss the rains down in Africa!
Zach and his horde of vile Brits find Mt. Kilmanjaro; it’s new yields, highlighted above, are sexy, and it’s next to both salt and an Oasis. Zach decides he needs to delay being a wonder whore to get out an early settlement.
Ethiopa’s Stele, a monument replacement, promises faith per pop and therefore a powerful religion. Coupled with having Sweden’s old bonus of 10% great people generation for declarations of friendship, the prospects of being well-liked and being rewarded for it are immense. Those plains tiles are going to a lot sexier when they’re covered in manufactories and academies.A ruin yielded 80 gold, so Bart buys his stele. This is potentially an opportunity cost. The Communitas mod is littered with random events that, in exchange for about 150 gold, can supply resources and military units to their recipients. 


Bart meets India early. Gandhi typically dips into Piety and founds Hinduism. This might throw a kink in his plans. Since we’re only four turns in, this amazingly sexy bay is probably very close to the Indian capital, making any future settlement risky, if the goal is to be well-liked by the AI. Ethiopia in Communitas maintains its combat bonus against civs with more cities. Additionally, the combat bonuses in religion have been rolled into a single belief, making them good for offense and defense. Bart is now deciding between an attempt at a domination victory instead of an attempt at spaceships.
Zach’s Warrior has been pinned against a barbarian horde for 400 years. Since hotseat turns takes considerably more time than online turns, the production of his scout is instant relief.
Holy Faith
Bart’s pantheon pops at turn 11. Since faith production doesn’t seem like it’ll be as much of a problem as terrible starting hexes, he uses his pantheon to add two food to his elephants.
And if faith generation does turn into a problem, there’s a handy religious city state rammed up Bart’s ass.
Zach hits writing and then starts on Sailing. Worker is 7 turns away, but he can’t chop yet. Work boats only cost 100 gold, though. He’s going to try to enhance his sea tiles while still getting both wonders, and sees having the techs and the ability to start on The Great Lighthouse if the AI gets the Great Library first as a better tradeoff.
That, or he was outside smoking and Bart hijacked his turn. BWAHAH.
Bart’s colon develops more more faith generation.
First Random Event
The first random event goes to Zach. He bought a monument the turn before, though, and cannot afford to either upgrade his scout to an archer or duplicate it. Five free experience and full health isn’t anything to sneeze at, though, and the monument is arguably more valuable.
Political Summary
Turn 25 – Political Summary
Zach (England), despite having explored more than Bart (Ethiopia), has only met one civ – Portugal. If she expands heavily, he’s like to conquer her early for the leg room. Portugal is to England’s south, where the tundra isn’t.Bart is sandwiched between China, Assyria, Celtia, and India. He may shit out a religion of combat bonuses in self defense. 

The Ethiopian people have doves the way the rest of the world has rats. People open cupboards and shoo the critters away from their reserves of dried elephant meat. They annoyed constantly, but also inspired.
Bart founds Islam on turn 39. The AI’s have founded three pantheons so far.
He’s been careful about not giving out embassies, so no one covets his lands yet, and he’s got three declarations of friendship; only Assyria does not melt at the sight of an Ethiopian smile. With this in mind, Bart doubles down on a peaceful game. He can still transition to full war mode if he has to when he enhances, but for now, Islam is a religion of peace in a non-sarcastic way.
With almost no production, this worker is the first thing Ethopia has built. No random events yet, so the 200 gold is quickly becoming an opportunity cost for an archer or a work boat.
More Glory for Ethiopia
Bart finds Lake Victoria. As Zach’s turns involve fighting barbarians and rushing through a settler (still intent on his early wonders, amazingly!) he has become incredibly frustrated. These turns take longer than they should, and all the fun stuff has been happening for Ethiopia. We take a long smoke break.
Zach takes happiness per 10 population and a wonder production buff out of Tradition. These aren’t linked to the free cultural buildings anymore, allowing him to better cherry pick his buffs.As frustrating as his turns are, his capital is population 6, thanks to sea resources and lucky population ruins, and he’s almost got his settler out. He’s behind in social policies by one (Ethopia has taken Monarchy, Growth, and Free Cultural Buildings, and is slightly ahead because of the Stele) but ahead in science. The AI’s have finished The Great Wall, so there’s still some sort of hope for his wonderlust. 

Second random event also goes to Zach. The AI have had a few, too. He’s still broke, though, so instead of getting either 100 culture or a unit upgrade, he gets 30 culture for free. This closes the gap for him a bit in early policies, saving him four turns.
Holy Shit, he did it. Zach gets The Great Library on deity. This would never have happened in vanilla. Part of the charm of the Communitas mod is that the AI’s bonuses snowball at the later parts of the game, rather than in the early game.
Portugal must also have been building this; they covet wonders he built, and they covet it with bright red letters.
Apparently, Lake Victoria is made out of Jello.
Bart gets down his second city. His warrior has been standing guard for a thousand years, and getting pelted by a barbarian archer. While Lake Victoria is tempting, Bart is bypassing attempts at early wonders to get out two trade ships–one to ship food to his capital, and one to farm gold and beakers off of India. Also, China’s capital is 5 or 6 hexes north of Lake Victoria, across the water, making it a riskier forward settlement. Surprisingly, Gandhi does not yell at Bart for settling here.
Two Turns later, Zach reaches Kilmanjaro with a settler.
Ethiopia gets its first random event; for 150 gold, Bart turns dissidents in Harar into a slave labor force, getting a cheap worker unit. Blessings upon their fiery spirits; surely they will be rewarded in the after life.
Zach gets his third random event, but still can’t afford it. Instead of 5 science or five culture on a mountain tile, he gets two gold. Fortunately, the event didn’t spawn on Kilmanjaro, meaning that if he saves money from this point on, there’s a decent chance of the game giving his natural wonder a big boost.
Celtia asks for 100 gold. Ethiopia wants friends. It’s not the worst trade. Besides, there’s 50 gold in that camp up there, and after thousands of years, the mighty Ethiopians have produced an archer. It fires doves, blessings upon it.

We decide to call it a night here, so we can get onto our Fiverr gigs for the night. We also started downloading Diablo III, to give it a second chance. More on that later.


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