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DnD Fiction Meta Post and Ghetto TOC

DnD Fiction Meta Post and Ghetto TOC published on No Comments on DnD Fiction Meta Post and Ghetto TOC

Hey everyone! Thanks for reading. I make zero apologies for the cliff hanger.

I was going to edit this into the blog post for Thursday’s comic that we posted on Friday, but then Zach and I got kind of into it, and this really cool piece of art came out, and the first fight scene felt epic while we were playing it, and felt epic to write… so this happened and I just made the blog post story it’s own page, instead of jamming it beneath a comic. It’s a little weird and it’ll stick out strangely, but that’s the joy of being indy. We can do what we want and no one really yells at us. Much.

Feel like you’re missing out? Here are the other parts that came before this!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I’ll be spot-fixing typos and making little changes as tomorrow becomes today. I’m an editor, when people pay me. It’s a skill I have. But I want to be a writer, and I get joy from sharing stuff hot off the keyboard, and sometimes that looks messy.

Like the characters? Here’s some bonus art we ripped from the illustration. Feel free to use it however you like.


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