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Ch-ch-ch Changes!

Ch-ch-ch Changes! published on No Comments on Ch-ch-ch Changes!

So, good news. Very soon, we’re changing how Ramen Empire works. All the comics before a certain date are going into an archival that won’t be attached to the main comic. At this point, it’s pretty clear that we rebooted. We’re going to divide the comic up into stories of 8 or 16 strips (depending), complete with cover art, and with gag strips in between.

Once I get the technical problems associated with this out of the way, we’ll have two comics running concurrently, though neither of us are prepared to talk about that other comic. Mostly because it keeps coming to blows.

It’s okay, though–Zach hits like a big Marshmallow.

What? That? Oh.

I, uh. I fell down some stairs.

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