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Cute Soul-less ginger is Wildstar's main marketing point.I love RPGs. I have for a long time now, but since I got out of World of Warcraft there hasn’t been much to excite me in the genre for a while, but that looks like it might change with Wildstar.

The game play doesn’t look to be anything new in the area of game play mechanics, but the crude and cartoony humor is right up my alley. The game kind of reminds me of a raunchy Ratchet and Clank. I can see one of my favorite artist’s work all over it, too; one Cory Loftis. He’s added a light-hearted, fun aesthetic to the whole project.

My only problem with it is that it’s an MMO. I already play Guild Wars 2, Vindictus, and Spiral Knights. I don’t play them in any kind of dedicated fashion; there is just no way I could play each of them the way I played WoW. I did my dailies, I raided, and it just burnt me out. I’m not looking for a game to obsess over anymore. The casual elements of GW2, Vindictus, and Spiral Knights is what drew me to them.

I love the look of Wildstar. I love the humor, but I don’t love the WoW interface that exists in more MMOs—like in GW2.  I can live with that interface though, so long as it doesn’t also borrow the design philosophy, which at its heart is meant to punish casual gamers like myself. I want to be able to play the game and hope it is built with players like me in mind.

My boredom was also broken with the news of the new Xbox One. It looks like this will be the first generation of gaming consoles where I won’t own one. There are so many great games out for my PC and phone I don’t see the point in putting up with console business practices. Games like Spiral Knights and Vindictus are a lot of fun and I never paid a penny. It’s hard to compete with that kind of value.

J. J. Abrams Wrote a Kick Ass Star Trek Fan Fic – Can He Do It Again?

J. J. Abrams Wrote a Kick Ass Star Trek Fan Fic – Can He Do It Again? published on No Comments on J. J. Abrams Wrote a Kick Ass Star Trek Fan Fic – Can He Do It Again?

First blog post from the artist—WOOOOOOOO!

The comic schedule should be picking up. I have finished this semester of college and should be able to dedicate more time to the comic. What does this mean? More updates, for starters. It also means we’re going to put some time into making the website more engaging, and for those who haven’t guessed, blog posts from me, the artist. The blog posts are an exciting and new part for me. I intend to talk about the comic’s art, art in general, and whatever I am thinking about at the moment. So let’s kick this off with some whatever I am thinking about at the moment.

I am a Trekkie—have been for as long as I can remember—and there is a new J. J. Abrams Star Trek movie coming out. I eventually liked his last Star Trek movie. It was hard though; my first reaction was “This is not Star Trek. It is a Sci-Fi action movie wearing Star Trek’s skin.” It was a fun and competent action movie, though and I do like the Star Trek skin. I decided I was looking at the movie wrong. It’s not a Star Trek movie, it is a big budget Star Trek fan fiction and it was pretty good. So what will the second movie be? They already expended almost all the original series Star Trek tropes… The long and the short of it is that Abrams never really knew what made Star Trek great and can’t just whip out all the tropes from the original series—so how will he make a Star Trek movie? I don’t think he knows how. I hope I am wrong. I hope Abrams gets Star Trek this time around. I would be thrilled to admit I was wrong and sing the praises of the new movie if it is good. A good Star Trek movie would be worth so much more than being right.

On Condom Snorting

On Condom Snorting published on No Comments on On Condom Snorting

People are apparently snorting condoms up their noses. En mass.

I do not often pass judgement on the newfangled young. I have chosen to make an exception, because Sweet Mother of Slendy, that’s stupid. Know, however, that when one of these kids snorts a condom up their nose and then pulls it out their hind end, I will be impressed.

As in, an impression will have been made on me. That may have already happened. I can’t be sure. I sure hope not.


@RamenEmpire published on No Comments on @RamenEmpire

My job at White Cat Publications has compelled me to explain Twitter to one of the authors there. He wants to use it as a promotional tool, which is understandable, but it’s not really geared for that. Fill someone’s twitter feed with spam and you’ll just get unfollowed by everyone except the other people there who don’t care about genuine communication and then you’re just tweeting into the void again.

It’s more comparable to a chat room, except the US president and William Shatner are both there, along with every single Swede. Oh, and Google caches it. So there’s tons and tons of access to people, as long as you have something to say besides “I AM HAVE THE SWAG Y U NO BUY IT [LINK] #MYPRODUCT.”

Chat rooms are more interactive, though. Where else do people write pithy one liners, phone numbers you’ll never call, and cryptic, undecipherable messages?


Twitter is the bathroom stall of the internet.



Implication: Jerry wants to give you bathroom cookies.


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