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New Schedule, Kickstarting Thieves Can’t Issue One, and New Patreon Rewards

New Schedule, Kickstarting Thieves Can’t Issue One, and New Patreon Rewards published on No Comments on New Schedule, Kickstarting Thieves Can’t Issue One, and New Patreon Rewards

So, first and foremost, we’re trying to Kickstart a paper copy of Thieves Can’t, Issue One. This might be the only shot to get this sucker in print, and it’s definitely going to be the only guaranteed way to get it signed.

The Kickstarter is about 1/4 of the way funded inside a day, so I’m very hopeful about meeting the $1000 goal. It’s an all-or-nothing campaign, so if we don’t meet the goal, the paper copy won’t happen. That said, we’re still going to go ahead with a PDF even if it fails, and this will be a Patreon reward that all of our supporters get once we hit $250 / month on that venue.

Speaking of Patreon, we’re changing up the rewards we offer. We had almost decided to nix the Art Commission reward, but then thought better of it. You may have received e-mails about this. Apologies for the confusion. We’re now offering a Patron-only monthly online hangout, an art raffle, a way to buy space beneath the comic to talk to our readers, and a way to inject yourself or your tabletop character directly into a Thieves Can’t comic. Check it out!

The Ramen Empire patreon is a bit lacklustre right now, and will be getting a similar brush-up later this month.

Update Schedule

We’re now updating one of our comics every Monday, come hell or high water. This means Ramen Empire is off haitus. Thieves Can’t will update on the first Monday of every month, so you’ll know when to tune in instead of crossing your fingers and visiting the site.

A short interruption to say “Fuck Facebook.”

A short interruption to say “Fuck Facebook.” published on 3 Comments on A short interruption to say “Fuck Facebook.”

So every Bernie Sanders group on Facebook got deleted. They are starting to come back up, but you know what? Maybe massive machinery in place that’s easily exploitable for quick and dirty censorship is a bad idea, Facebook. Fuck you. I don’t care who did it; you allowed it.

You know what? I’m so mad that this comic strip is open source. Go nuts, guys. Fill in the blanks, do whatever you want with it, show it to whoever. Use this image in any way you see fit. Need help with balloons? Click here for an illustrator file with some premade balloons to use. (Edit: I added the encryption key, so it should work now.)

fuck facebook1

The Doll With The Tiger Teeth 34 – Fin or No?

The Doll With The Tiger Teeth 34 – Fin or No? published on 6 Comments on The Doll With The Tiger Teeth 34 – Fin or No?

Okay, so I’m torn. I could give the denouement of the Noir Detective element of this story, but I skipped around in that story a lot, to try to keep the focus on the character’s issues off-screen, since those are, I think, where you guys’┬áinvestment is.

I don’t think that it will make good reading coming off of this, and I want this to be one of the last pages in DTT, if not THE last page. And since I’m only trying to please, like, 30 people and myself with this comic, I’d normally say, “Yep, this is it on DTT. Learned a lot. On to chapter three.”

But in this case, we’re trying to make a comic book version that’s nothing but the Ramen Empire cast and crew’s final cut of DTT – a full blow Noir story that’s never jumps out of the fourth wall and looks at the people making it. And I feel like there is something unethical about putting a part of the story that some of you might have cared about behind a paywall.

So as I sort this tangle out in my head, sound off, please. I want to know your thoughts. Do I skip straight into the next bit of story (I guess they’re chapters) that deals with the cliff hanger here? Or do I show everyone the final bit of DTT so that they know what really happened to Murph and what happens to Langney?

Have a great weekend everyone!



We missed Mei Li and Sera, so they’ve been getting doodled here and there. Have some Sera.

Sera avatar1

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