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Back in the Fiction Saddle

Back in the Fiction Saddle published on No Comments on Back in the Fiction Saddle

Depression set in pretty hard about 10 minutes after I graduated and realized the job-hunt was going to be eternal. That sapped a good deal of my creative energy, but I’m better now, and I’m getting back in the creative trenches. (I never stopped my part of making these comics, but Zach carried a massive creative load for the last year or so while I was basically going through the motions and letting myself disappear into lettering and other technically creative, but automatic tasks.)

This is an old story of mine, and you may have seen the cover art before from my attempt to launch it on Amazon a year or so back. I’m not very happy with how Amazon has handled my stuff in the past, so I am re-launching the story on Gumroad.

If you’re a $3 Patron for Ramen Empire, you already have access to this, and I adore you for your support.

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