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So, given that the paladin (Reynauldo?) is falling from a height enough greater* than 578 feet, so that he doesn’t just go splat in the first round (d=at^2/2), allowing time for Candor to cast a Ceremony Cantrip…
And given that Candor knows the Ceremony Cantrip** …
And given that the GM has allowed an alternate version of Ceremony that will allow it to be used for a non-standard ritual other than those listed in the UA and XGtE…
Then Reynauldo might succeed in becoming a half dragon. Which has no fly speed. Just before he goes splat. Of course, if he has enough hit points, he can survive going splat…

*If the Ceremony takes one hour to cast, as in the current version, then we’re looking at a height that’s great enough that I would need to worry about the reduced effect of gravity up there beyond the atmosphere to try calculating it.
**Ironically, under the RAW, Reynauldo is more likely to know Ceremony, the first-level-spell, than Candor is. ^_^

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Fort Scott Presentation

Fort Scott Presentation published on No Comments on Fort Scott Presentation

Huge shout-out to the enthusiastic group that came out to see us at Common Grounds Coffee in Fort Scott today for the Second Story event. It was a blast talking to you guys about RPGs and meeting you after the presentation. Thanks for making the trip awesome! If I saw you there and didn’t get a chance to get your contact information, or you wanted to follow up on an idea, feel free to leave a comment here.

Thieves Can’t Podcast – Episode 2

Thieves Can’t Podcast – Episode 2 published on No Comments on Thieves Can’t Podcast – Episode 2

Hey everyone,

Episode 2 of Thieves Can’t Podcast is out, and I think I can safely say that we kinda┬ácan podcast. Definitely looking for your feedback on this project as we go forward with it!

There will be a link out on Patreon a bit later — technical difficulties are preventing an upload there. Expect it to be distributed to itunes and other podcast-grabby-places shortly.

Additionally, for our Patreon Subscribers for Thieves Can’t, we’re putting up the entire behind-the-scenes process of how we’re making issue 3 of Thieves Can’t — starting with the script. Click Candor and her awesome Eyemac for the Patron-only link to our script-in-progress, where you’ll be able to see what’s going on in the next issue, and get a sense of what sort of jokes make the cut and what sort don’t as we turn script pages into comic page mockups. You might even catch one of us in there writing or editing, since I’m fairly certain that Google Docs lets people spy on writing live.

Also, be sure to catch us Saturday, 11:30 AM at the Common Ground Coffee Co in Fort Scott, Kansas, where Zach and I (or at least one of us) will be talking about how to write for tabletop RPGs.

Thieves Can’t Livewrite, Tomorrow @ 6 PM

Thieves Can’t Livewrite, Tomorrow @ 6 PM published on No Comments on Thieves Can’t Livewrite, Tomorrow @ 6 PM

Tomorrow at 6 PM central standard, I’ll be working on the Thieves Can’t, book 3 script and chatting with readers / answering writing questions as I go. It’ll take place in our discord channel, here:┬á Feel free to pop in!

Thieves Can’t Podcast – Episode 1

Thieves Can’t Podcast – Episode 1 published on No Comments on Thieves Can’t Podcast – Episode 1

So, first off — this wouldn’t have gotten made without Chris Stonecipher leaping in like a goddamn hero and helping me with some of the editing. Huge shout-out to him, and I’m super glad to have him on this project.

Editing audio is a bit more intensive than I thought, but the delay from episode 0 to episode 1 was 90% learning curve.

You can give episode one a listen on our Sound Cloud:

Or you can listen to it here, on our Patreon site.

Both pages should allow file downloading, and the episode will (I think) be searchable in all the normal podcasty places in a day or two.

Let us know what you think!

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